Benefits and Side Effects of Masturbation for Women

Men may rather talk about it more often, but women do it, too. What you may ask? Masturbation of course.

The Health Benefits of Masturbation

1. Positive Effects of Masturbation on Sexual Health

Masturbating does increase blood flow throughout one’s body and also releases feel-good brain chemicals referred to as endorphins. There is mood benefit, even if there is an orgasm.

2. Elevating Intimacy: Masturbation's Impact on Sexual Confidence

Masturbation can make one sexually comfortable and confident. One comes to know more about one’s body. It always helps to experiment with what feels good as one responds positively as it can lead to better sexual experiences, both alone as well as with a partner.

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3. Navigating Menopause: How Masturbation Can Alleviate Sexual Discomfort

Many women do see changes during menopause. Masturbation can help no doubt. The vagina can actually become narrow, which can also make intercourse and vaginal exams more painful. But masturbation, especially with a water-based lubricant, can rather help prevent narrowing and also boost blood flow, relieve some tissue as well as moisture problems, and increase sexual desire.

4. Savoring the Experience: The Importance of Slow and Mindful Masturbation

Masturbation is simply not a “quickie” experience. Rushing can rather make it less enjoyable, and so can focusing too much on orgasm.

5. Empowering Your Pleasure: Incorporating Toys into Masturbation Practices

Nearly half of women between the ages of 18 and 60 have made use of a sex toy like a dildo or vibrator. In case one has trouble reaching orgasm and want to climax, a vibrator (which does stimulate the nerve endings in the clitoris) may be helpful.

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Side Effects of Masturbation in Women

1. Mental & Physical Imbalance

Too much of masturbation causes mental and physical imbalance. If pre-occupied with it one tends to forget other aspects of life. They become addicts, they feel guilty and self-esteem gets affected.

2. Back Pain

Too much masturbation leads to back pain. There are pain and cramps in the pelvic area. Contraction of the pelvic muscle takes place.

3. Lowered Libido Level

Those addicted have often complained that their sex life has not been too good. They also suffer from low libido levels. Excessive ejaculation does cause boredom in bed during sexual intercourse.

4. Emotionally Traumatic

Can make one feel guilty as per culture, religion and spiritual beliefs. Some consider it to be immoral or wrong and dirty. In case one is feeling guilty it is better to confide in somebody close to oneself or speak to a sexologist.

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5. Harmful during Pregnancy

Hormonal changes occur during pregnancy. Some women have sexual desire and they take to masturbation. One will experience pelvic cramps after as well as during orgasm. Pregnant women like to release their sexual tension which can prove to be excessive pressure on the womb thus making it pretty dangerous to the womb. It is, therefore, better to avoid masturbation during pregnancy. Masturbation is not safe for those women who are prone to a high-risk pregnancy. Orgasm can lead to changes of labor.

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Benefits and Side Effects of Masturbation for Women

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