How to Reduce SGPT and SGOT Levels?

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At times one’s SGPT level may go up to is 81 and one may go in for a hepatitis detection blood test which turns out to be negative. One may have also go in for ultrasonography which concludes as fatty liver. Furthermore, one does go in for fibroscan and one’s stiffness level is 5.2kPa with IQR as 1 and IQR/med as 19%. Does it imply that one has liver fibrosis and what sort of future course of action and any medications one needs to take? Continue reading about How to Reduce SGPT and SGOT Levels?

Tips to Lower SGPT and SGOT Levels

In such situation, fatty liver is indeed a common condition of the liver due to modern lifestyle, food, and drink habits. Collection of fats in liver cells is called the fatty liver. This condition is also called steatosis hepatic

Furthermore, one may have undergone a liver function test recently and one’s SGPT level has come down to 81 which is above the normal level. One hopes to know is this really a matter of concern for me and does one need to start any medication for the same. Also whether it is due to one’s obesity or the reason can be something different?

One needs to also know more about the fact whether one has done any ultrasound of the abdomen also? Obesity I indeed linked with fatty liver also in which SGOT levels can also get raised. Raised levels are also seen in the acidity of one’s stomach.

It is possible that one may have their gall bladder removal surgery on account of gallstone. Obviously, one gets hospitalized with high sgot, sgpt, and bilirubin. Then endoscopy is required and diagonalized gallstone. But after surgery, for last 3 lft in an interval of 10 days sgot and sgpt is normal but bilirubin total is around 2.3

Another health issue is one may go in for sgpt test and value is 64 .but sogt and ggt reports are no doubt under control. Will this be considered to be a problem or is it ok?

Such reports are normal, but much would depend upon the entire liver function test report; serum bilirubin and alkaline phosphatase levels, etc.

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Now one may ask whether having sgpt sgot and ggt in high number happens to be a health issue of importance? They are above the elevated levels. Also, the leukocytes count is increased.

Another issue is having had high sgpt sgot levels. They are at a much lower rate but still above the normal by like 1.5 times normal max limit. One has had jaundice 4 months ago. One has been informed by the doctor that they will improve on their own. One may not be drinking or smoking but on is cycling 3 times a week for 30 min each.

Another issue that crops up in one’s mind id when one’s sgpt has been 100 a few months back and has increased to 114, and one is not alcoholic. One is suffering from hair fall, dull skin with acne, scattered hair on the head and scattered beard. There has also been a major decrease in the volume of ejaculation. All the condition mostly after one has a breakup which led to serious depression.

1/1 people do find this more of hypogonadism. On needs to get semen analysis free testosterone levels done and then consult andrologist.

One is suffering from high levels of sgpt (184) and sgot (67) liver enzymes. Sugar fasting is 100. Vitamin d is low at 26. The medication is used for the past 3 months is udiliv 300. But enzymes have risen. What should be done?

One needs to take some antioxidant, diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Glutathione multivitamin does help and loses weight. Avoid oily as well as fried food

In case SGOT is 43 and SGPT is 69 against normal of 40 and 45 respectively… Total cholesterol 185. HDL 39… TSH at 10….13… Does one need to worry?

This happens to be a mild elevated of an enzyme. It is quite normal… If one has had any problem with liver sgot and sgpt level shoots up high…

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How to Reduce SGPT and SGOT Levels?

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