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Best Fertility Hospital In Vijayawada

Ferty9, Vijayawada welcomes you to the best fertility hospital in Vijayawada. We are committed to providing you with the most compassionate and expert fertility treatment.

Infertility has been an issue for millions of couples worldwide, and about 12-15% of married couples suffer from it in India. That’s where Ferty9 steps in. We help you achieve your dream of becoming happy parents with our personalized fertility treatments.

Ferty9’s fertility hospital in Vijayawada is a top-tier and leading fertility center. With us, you get experienced fertility doctors who use ART techniques and understand your emotional and psychological needs throughout the treatment.

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Patients Testimonials

Inspirational stories of happy couples who became parents through a dedicated approach at Ferty9 Vijayawada IVF centers.


Naveen Kumar

We had been struggling for the past 6 years, almost losing hope. Someone recommended Ferty9 to us. Here, we met Dr. Keerthi ma'am, who provided us with immense support. Within just 2 months, my wife conceived. We are extremely grateful to Keerthi gaaru and the staff.


What is the success rate of treatments at your center?

Ferty9 IVF center in Vijayawada has over 65% consistent success rates in IVF as IVF doctors in Vijayawada are committed to providing the best treatments, transparency, and care to couples.

What are the causes of Infertility?

Causes of infertility can range from factors like aging to diseases like PCOS, endometriosis, ovulatory disorders, or fibrosis. Some of the common factors of infertility in males are age, varicocele, and lower sperm count due to smoking, stress, or drinking.

What is the cost of IVF in Vizag?

The IVF cost in Vijayawada ranges from 1.5 to 2 lacs. However, the costs can differ depending on the underlying factors causing infertility, a patient's age, and the health complexities of the patient. Ferty9 keeps the treatment charges transparent and affordable.

How do I choose an IVF center?

When choosing the best fertility hospital in Vijayawada for your treatment, make sure you are looking for these things:

  • Track records and success rates
  • Best-in-class lab infrastructure
  • Advanced IVF Equipment
  • Usage of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies) techniques
  • Experienced fertility doctors
  • Trained counseling team
  • Personalized and compassionate care
  • Location and accessibility

When to choose IVF?

Women suffering from health conditions like fallopian tube damage, endometriosis, or pelvic adhesions should seek IVF centers in Vijayawada and get effective IVF treatments. On the other hand, men with lower sperm count or erectile dysfunction due to health issues can look for an IVF treatment.

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