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The number of tests that a pregnant woman is recommended to undergo can indeed easily scale very high. Some tests are, of course, highly necessary in order to ensure the right health condition of both the baby as well as the mother. Other tests are generally recommended by doctors if they do seem to suspect any problems or future issues. The double marker test falls under such a category.

What is Double Marker Test?

The double marker test is no doubt a specific type of blood test with the goal to be able to check for any anomalies that might be present in the chromosomal development of the baby. Having any abnormalities in the chromosomes can indeed lead to serious health conditions, disorders, and so on that can rather affect the baby’s growth within the fetus, or even later in life. By getting o know if there are any and checking for the right chromosomes that could be indeed the issue, one can know beforehand about the presence or possibilities of certain disorders such as Down’s syndrome, Edward’s syndrome and so on.

Why is The Double Marker Test Done?

The double marker test is, of course, a proven test that has had a substantial amount of accurate detection in case any abnormalities or issues are rather present.

In case the test does provide a positive result, further diagnostic procedures or measures can also be undertaken to pinpoint the problem.

Doctors usually do recommend an advanced test to check if there are chances of the baby having Down’s syndrome or so.

Having conducted the test earlier, in case of positive results being obtained and a neurological condition being diagnosed, one can choose to terminate the pregnancy without complications, due to early stages of pregnancy.

Double Marker Test ProcedureHow to Prepare for the Double Marker Test?

Even though the double marker test is essentially a blood test, there aren’t any specific preparations that one needs to keep in mind prior to opting for it. In case one is on any medication during pregnancy, it is best to let one’s doctor know about it. In rare cases only, one might be advised to stop taking the medication until the test is undertaken.

How is double marker Test Done?

The double marker test procedure is indeed quite straightforward. In simple terms, it happens to a test that is combined with an ultrasound. Once the blood samples are rather acquired, it is observed to check for two major elements, a hormone, and a protein. The hormone is the Free Beta Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin. This glycoprotein hormone is developed during the pregnancy by the placenta. The other protein is termed as PAPP-A, or Pregnancy-Associated Plasma Protein A, which is also another highly important protein for pregnant women.

How Are double marker Test Results Interpreted?

The double marker test results generally are divided into two categories viz., screen positive and screen negative. These results are not on account simply the blood tests but also the age of the mother, the age of the fetus as is observed during the ultrasound, and so on. All of these factors do work together in developing the result of the test since women older than 35 years do have significantly higher chances of their fetus developing neurological disorders than younger women.

What is The Cost of double marker Test?

The double market test cost can across cities and across all fertility hospitals in Hyderabad even. The lower end of the test could cost as little as Rs. 1000 and the higher end could go up to even Rs. 5000 or so. In such a case, the average price across many cities actually tends to hover around Rs. 2500 or so.

When one is pregnant, one wants nothing more to ensure that one’s baby turns out to be healthy and ends up leading a normal life as much as possible. One must have a proper diet, good lifestyle choices, and make the right efforts to keep oneself and the safety and security of the baby uppermost in one’s mind. Despite this test results could indeed point towards the presence of a disorder in the baby. In such cases, it is necessary to sort out matters with one’s spouse and work out a solution for future parents to understand if one would want to have the child or not. Terminating the pregnancy is always an option and should not weigh down morally on either parent. The focus need not always be on ensuring the best outcome of the situation.


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