How Soon Can a Pregnancy Test Be Taken After Implantation?

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When to Take a Pregnancy Test After Implantation

If pregnant, a urine pregnancy test is not expected to be positive until 3-4 days after the implantation (at the very earliest) is done, which is about 10 days after ovulation/fertilization and also 4 days before the next period.

The hormone HCG does take about a week after implantation to reach a detectable concentration. Therefore, even after seeing symptoms of implantation bleeding, it is rather necessary for the woman to need to wait for another week before taking a pregnancy test. A doctor might indeed be able to detect HCG in one’s blood soon after implantation. The best gynecologists in Hyderabad can guide you well.

Most women who do need to get pregnant are rather keen to take a home pregnancy test (HPT) to see if the result is positive. Much depends on one’s body and the levels of HCG hormone, early pregnancy can rather be detected by a pregnancy blood test as soon as 3-4 days after implantation.

If the woman is wondering how long after spotting to take a pregnancy test then she needs to keep the following in mind. The hormone HCG does take a week after implantation to reach a detectable concentration. Despite seeing symptoms of implantation bleeding, the woman needs to wait for another week before taking a pregnancy test.

This is when levels of HCG will usually be high enough for the majority of pregnancy testing kits to show a positive pregnancy result if the woman has conceived. Few urine pregnancy testing kits happen to be more sensitive and may be able to show a positive result and also detect early pregnancy quite soon after implantation.

Every anxious mom-to-be does ask a question- how early can they take a pregnancy test post-implantation? Experts do suggest that it depends from person to person. One can notice several signs in the body that usually does indicate successful conception.

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Process of Implantation

Phases of Implantation: Before and After

Implantation turns out to be a process in which the fertilized egg does get attached to the uterine wall. It then tends to travel down towards the uterus, where it burrows into the woman’s uterine wall and that is when the implantation occurs. The implantation process does take around 8 to 10 days after ovulation to complete.

After successful implantation, the embryo releases the pregnancy hormone or HCG that does help the body to prepare for the pregnancy. This is the hormone that does get detected in the pregnancy test. The woman may need to avoid or limit strenuous activities to prevent implantation failure during this time. At this given point, few may feel certain signs of pregnancy as well.

Signs in One’s Body after Successful Implantation

  • Implantation bleeding
  • Sore breasts
  • Cramps
  • Increased basal temperature
  • Frequent urination
  • Missed period

A successful early implantation pregnancy may rather be indicated by light spotting or implantation bleeding which occurs 10 days post ovulation in some women. While others may rather experience light implantation cramps. Due to the increase in progesterone levels after implantation, few may feel a slight increase in their body temperature.

Different Types of Pregnancy Tests and How Soon to Take

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Different types of tests:

Blood Test

The levels of HCG double every 48 hours after implantation. So, if a woman does experience implantation bleeding, then it is also better to wait for four to five before taking a blood test for accurate results.

Over-the-counter Test

HCG level does take a longer time to be detected in urine. So, one does need to wait until six to seven days for the HCG levels to reach up to a detectable amount before taking the over-the-counter urine test.


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How Soon Can a Pregnancy Test Be Taken After Implantation?

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