Normal Delivery Vs Cesarean

One is always looking forward to the delivery day. One needs to decide between cesarean or natural birth. One needs the required information as to which option is better. It is the physician who decides it. The child must be healthy and accordingly, the options of cesarean or a natural birth are decided upon.

Pros of both vaginal, as well as cesarean birth, need to be known.

Vaginal Birth:

  • A natural birthing process.
  • The preferred choice of most expectant moms.
  • Hospital stay is much shorter.
  • The recovery time after vaginal birth is lesser as compared to cesarean.
  • A vaginal birth does not entail any incision or major scarring.
  • It is also not too surgically invasive.
  • Fewer chances of developing complications at the time of childbirth.
  • Lower mortality risk.
  • Baby and one’s body start to prepare and progress naturally for the vaginal birth.

Cesarean Birth:

  • The popular choice of birthing in recent times.
  • A c-section is a planned surgical procedure of childbirth. One knows when the little one will arrive. One can plan mentally as to when the child will arrive.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety.
  • The risk of suffering from sexual problems is lower.
  • Baby has lesser chances of suffering from any birth trauma on account of the forceps being minimal.

A would-be-mother has to feel reassured about the childbirth and naturally, she has to agree upon whether the cesarean is better or natural birth. The physician has a great responsibility in deciding which form of delivery is better. There are times when a cesarean has to be done. Why so?

Firstly, women are usually having babies at a later age as they have careers to follow up. Nowadays, a 31-year-old woman has a child whereas earlier women used to have a child at 21 years.

Women are heavier these days and are obese when having a child. These factors tend to result that women undergoing a cesarean. Both these issues can lead to pre-disposed complications in pregnancy which include gestational diabetes.

Why have frank discussions about birth options?

It is necessary to have a healthy discussion with one’s physician and others involved in the delivery process so that one is well aware of a cesarean as well as a natural birth. One can then decide accordingly or accept the opinion of the physician as one is well-informed about both the processes of childbirth. One can go through the internet and do some research and then seek advice from the doctor as well as the midwife and then plan out delivery with the help of one partner. One must have an open mind and thus decide upon which form of delivery depending upon the given situation about the health of the mother as well as the child.

Delivering a child safely is what every would-be-mother aspires to and naturally, she has to ensure that too many risks are not involved in the delivery process. Both the mother and the child have to be safe.

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Normal Delivery Vs Cesarean

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