Infertility treatment by IMSI improves the chances of IVF (in Vitro fertilization) and it can be used after unsuccessful of IVF at several times. IMSI is an alteration of ICSI technique where sperm samples are examined in the laboratory by microscope i.e. almost 6000times more powerful to assess their morphology. We recommend IMSI if you have very less number of sperm and the high proportion of abnormally shaped sperm or proof of poor outcomes with previous ICSI treatments. IMSI fertility treatment is simply made through the use of a microscope to pick out the sperm in simple and by making the use of sperm by the ICSI procedure.

We provide best IMSI treatment center at fery9 hospital in Hyderabad so that IMSI helps to improve the success rate among men and it is more beneficial than ICSI in patients with 2 IVF or ICSI failures.

Intracytoplasmic Morphological Sperm Injection: IMSI procedure is performed in conjunction with IVF. Here one egg is injected with best morphological sperm selected under high power magnification of 6000 under an inverted microscope with the use of micro-manipulator and complete characteristics of spermatozoa can be analyzed internally. If there is any tiny defects in the sperms through this Morphological Sperm Injection it can be detected.

Is it right for me?

Couples with two failed ICSI cycles.

Having morphology of poor spermatozoa such as abnormal shape and structure of spermatozoa can be benefited through this IMSI procedure. It may improve the chances by obtaining high success rates in couples.

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