7 things to consider when choosing a fertility clinic

Infertile couples can seriously think of visiting a fertility clinic in Hyderabad. After all, fertility clinics are known for their expertise and technological know-how.

Searching for a reliable fertility clinic and trying to decide which does fit one’s needs best? How to decide? Clients apart from trying out fertility clinics in Hyderabad can also consider these aspects prior to selecting a fertility clinic of their choice. The fertility clinic in Hyderabad is quite popular.

1. Experience in

Egg freezing – Nearly every fertility clinic in the US does provide egg freezing as a service. The freezing and thawing of eggs are certainly an extremely delicate as well as technical process that can be performed by experts. If looking to freeze one’s eggs, then preference needs to be given to selecting a clinic that does freezing regularly, and has had successful pregnancies.

It is also important to consider whether the clinic chose to freeze the eggs it is also reliable for IVF. Fertility clinic Hyderabad can do the needful.

Pregnancy – If looking to conceive immediately, then go in for a clinic that has performed a number reliable amount of successful cycles. It is important to check each clinic’s success-to-patient ratio.

2. Doctor Protocol

IUI vs Mini vs Conventional IVF –

Some doctors and clinics have certain beliefs which appear aggressive as to how they want to treat patients. Internal rules are prescribed for the types of patients they are rather willing to treat. Many clinics have age cum BMI limits that can limit the number of patients they see.

The protocol also includes the decision between IUI and IVF and when to progress from the latter.

3. Their Specialties

Doctors at few clinics believe in minimal stimulation approach, which subjects patients to fewer synthetic hormones, and they prefer it over more conventional IVF methods. But, this sort of method typically delivers fewer eggs per retrieval, yet these eggs are of higher quality (especially so in women over 38).

4. 3rd Party Thoughts

This happens to be a major health issue to consider for patients over 40 as several clinics hold bias over allowing patients beyond a certain age to try to use their own eggs. Medical people feel success rates with donor eggs are higher. A woman in her 40s is in fact more likely to conceive with the help of donor eggs.

5. Clinic Size and Success Rates

Large vs Small Clinic 

  • Larger clinics typically tend to have more resources and availability for patients.
  • Larger clinics often have on-site labs that do more cycles and therefore have more data available.
  • Larger clinics rather often make more mistakes until they reach the “mega clinic” level of 1,000 or more annual cycles.
  • 69% of patients at no doubt small clinics do feel like they are treated with greater care and decency.

6. Laboratory

A strong laboratory can enhance IVF success. But how to determine if a clinic has a strong lab?

A laboratory’s fertilization rate needs to be should be above 70% with a blastocyst conversion rate of 40 – 50% by Day 5 in order to help the patient determine if a clinic’s lab does deliver. It is also important to consider lab size cum location. Can it come up with a large number of patients or does it happen to be run by only a few people? Experience of the embryologists also has to be and the lab conditions kept. What sort of incubators do they use, and how often they are upgraded or replaced?

7. Billing Department

This is a very important aspect of a fertility clinic. It is necessary for a clinic to have a solid Billing department in order to update the patient on specials, more about lobby insurance on the patient’s behalf, and continually look for ways to save money. Why not visit fertility clinics in Hyderabad?

7 things to consider when choosing a fertility clinic

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