Male Infertility Problems and Treatment Options

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Infertility happens to be a disease of the reproductive system and makes a person unable to have children. It can rather affect a man, a woman, or even both. Male infertility means that the man has issues with his reproductive system. Male infertility doctors in Hyderabad can help out.

Childless couples often hold the woman responsible for not having a child; nevertheless, male infertility has to be also thought of.

Treatment Process

Hormone treatment is what doctors might recommend in case infertility is caused by high or low levels of a certain hormone.

Medication can also treat some issues that affect male fertility, including hormone imbalances as well as erectile dysfunction.

Surgery can also be effective for repairing blockages in the tubes that transport sperm.

Several infertile couples have more than one cause of infertility and therefore it is may be required for both to see a doctor. A number of tests may be required in order to determine the cause of infertility. In a few cases, a cause may never be identified. Infertility tests can be expensive and might not be covered by insurance.

Often, an exact cause of infertility may not be found. Despite this doctors try to recommend treatments or procedures that can lead to conception.

In cases of infertility, the female partner also needs to be checked up. There may be specific treatments suggested for the partner.

Treatments for male infertility include

  • Surgery- A varicocele can often be surgically corrected or an obstructed vas deferens repaired. Prior vasectomies can be rather reversed. In case of sperm not being present in the ejaculate, sperm can in fact often be retrieved directly from the testicles or epididymis thus making sperm retrieval techniques.
  • Treating infections- Antibiotic treatment might indeed cure an infection of the reproductive tract but does not always restore fertility.
  • Treatments for sexual intercourse problems- Medication or counseling can rather help improve fertility in conditions such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.
  • Hormone treatments and medications- The doctor might also suggest hormone replacement or medications in cases where infertility happens to be caused by high or low levels of certain hormones or there are problems with the manner the body makes use of hormones.
  • Assisted reproductive technology (ART)- ART treatments do involve obtaining sperm via normal ejaculation, surgical extraction, or from donor individuals, depending on one’s specific case and wishes. The sperm is then inserted into the female genital tract or made used to perform in vitro fertilization or intracytoplasmic sperm injection.

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  • When treatment does not do the needful?

In rare cases, male fertility problems are not able to be treated, and it becomes impossible for a man to father a child.

Lifestyle and home remedies

Few steps to be considered at home to increase r chances of achieving pregnancy:

  • Increase frequency of sex- Having sexual intercourse almost every day or every other day beginning at least five days before ovulation in order to increase the chances of getting the partner pregnant.
  • Have sex when fertilization is possible- A woman is rather likely to become pregnant during ovulation, which does occur in the middle of her menstrual cycle, between periods.
  • Avoid the use of lubricants- Lubricants, lotions, and saliva might impair sperm movement and function. Consult the doctor for sperm-safe lubricants.
  • Healthy lifestyle- Eat a variety of healthy foods, maintain a healthy weight, get enough sleep, and also exercise regularly.
  • Avoid things that damage one’s overall health- Stop or reduce one’s use of alcohol, quit smoking, and avoid using illicit drugs.

Alternative medicine

Evidence is limited regarding herbs or supplements that might help increase male fertility. These supplements do not treat a specific underlying cause of infertility, such as a sperm duct defect or chromosomal disorder.


Male infertility treatment in Hyderabad incorporates the required treatment processes.

Male Infertility Problems and Treatment Options

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