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Dr. Jyothi C Budi

Dr. Jyothi C Budi - Medical Director
Reproductive Medicine
Masters degree in Reproductive Medicine
Diploma in Reproductive Medicine and Embryology
Assisted Reproduction Techniques
Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, English
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Dr. C. Jyothi Budi is a highly accomplished spokesperson in the field of reproductive medicine. She is the Founder and Medical Director of Ferty9, showcasing her expertise in assisted reproduction techniques. Dr. Budi has played a pivotal role in helping individuals and couples achieve their dreams of parenthood. She also serves as the Joint Secretary at the Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction, Telangana, demonstrating her commitment to advancing the field and fostering collaboration among medical professionals. Dr. Budi's ART fellowship programs have trained over 220 gynecologists, equipping them with the latest knowledge and techniques in reproductive medicine. Her dedication to patient care, leadership abilities, and extensive experience make her an authoritative and respected spokesperson in the realm of reproductive health.


Dr. Budi has extensive experience in the field of reproductive medicine.

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