When is a fertility check required?

Childless couples do need to seek an expert opinion as to the reason why they are unable to conceive. It is better to plan their family and not delay it too much.

It is much pleasure for couples, particularly childless, to hold a baby in their hands. It is a blissful moment to be cherished for years to come. The entire world appears to be joyous and very beautiful. The parents are happy to have a child at home. There are top fertility hospitals in Hyderabad with adequate facilities for infertility treatment.

Yet several couples do face problems in conceiving. It might be surprising but it is true.

In case the couple is unable to have a child they need to consult the gynecologist. Infertility may not affect a person physically but mentally and socially it does affect the couple.

With changing lifestyles, there are several reasons why women are delaying being a parent. Women are interested in their careers and would like to defer their plans for starting a family. Family planning these days involves many factors such as financial, career and emotional. It is better to visit top fertility hospitals in Hyderabad and seek proper advice.

The thought of becoming infertile could bring about several changes in the couple’s thought processes. A woman who crosses 30 may think twice about deferring her plans about having a family. She may feel she has infertility problems and may go in for a checkup.

Many experts, as well as doctors around the world, do say that the majority of women between 18 and 30 need not be worried about their fertility. However, it is better to get themselves tested and plan their way of conceiving soon. Visiting top fertility hospitals in Hyderabad is advisable.

Signs of infertility:

  • One is 30 or older and has not had a child, but are planning for it in the future.
  • You are under 30, but one’s mother went through menopause at 38 or even younger.
  • A family history of fragile egg syndrome or have an autoimmune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, which does increase the risk of early ovarian failure.
  • One is overweight or a heavy smoker.

The vast majority of fertility clinic patients only seek out fertility testing on suspicion that something is wrong, usually after a long period of unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant.

A woman may feel that it is absolutely alright to conceive at a period in one’s life but there are risks involved. Age does matter and delay can lead to pregnancy complications and fertility issues.

No doubt, it is possible to take control of one’s reproductive health at any age, whether one was single or in a relationship. It is important to go in for consultations with a fertility expert and also get oneself checked up thoroughly. Here, visits to top fertility hospitals in Hyderabad does make a difference.

The decision to have a child is indeed a personal matter but it is also important to keep in mind infertility issues. Delaying parenthood could lead to infertility problems and also deformities in the child. It is important to seek expert opinion on this matter.

When is a fertility check required?

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