What does hormonal evaluation of Ferty9 comprise of?

Ferty9 carries out professional hormonal evaluation tests and ensures that the patient gets the best treatment. Hormones play an important role in the treatment process of a childless couple and naturally required tests have to be conducted to ensure that proper treatment is given. Ferty9 specialists know their tasks well and carry out professional hormonal evaluation tests.

A hectic lifestyle coupled with stress can cause much disturbance in one’s biological clock among many women. Hormone imbalance is usually seen during menopause. But these days it has been commonly observed among young women of 25 years of age as well. Women can suffer from weight gain, PCOS (POLYCYSTIC OVARIAN SYNDROME), sleeplessness, fatigue, and thyroid problems.

Hormone tests conducted are:

  • Follicular Stimulating Hormone [FSH] – Done on Day 2/ 3 of menses
  • Estradiol [E2] – done on Day 2/3 of menses
  • Luteinizing Hormone [LH] – Day 2/3 of menses
  • Thyroid profile

Other blood tests:

  • Anti-Mullerian Hormone test [produced by granulosa cells.

Ovarian Reserve Test: This test is conducted to evaluate egg quality as well as quantity. The age of the female is taken into consideration in order to estimate the probability levels of conceiving. The quality of the egg is taken into consideration and these consists of the ovarian tests of Ferty9. Women are born with a supply of eggs for a lifetime and slowly decrease in quantity and quality. Ovarian Reserve means storing and this test is done for measuring the reproductive potentiality of women. The best way is to analyze this through the usual blood test to be conducted on the 2nd and 3rd of the menses.

Ovarian Reserve Tests:

These Include:

  • FSH [Follicular Stimulating Hormone],
  • Estradiol [E2]
  • 3D ultrasound and ovarian volume
  • Inhibin
  • LH [Luteinizing Hormone]
  • Anti-Mullerian Hormone
  • Via ultrasound imaging antral follicle count (AFC)ch

Ovarian Reserve AMH Test is Useful :

  • One must consider other infertility methods of treatment or IVF. Low levels of AMH would indicate a rather potentially weak response to IVF.
  • One may suspect an ovarian tumor and in case one has ovarian surgery then one would like to know if it affects future fertility.

The main reason for this Ovarian Reserve Fertility Test is to be able to identify whether an individual has a low ovarian reserve. A high FSH value indicates low ovarian reserve fertility and of course vice versa. Women advancing in age will experience ovarian reserve decreases n both terms of the number of eggs and their quality.

  • Check the number of eggs
  • Antral Follicle Count – This is done on Day 2 of menses via a pelvic ultrasound scan, thus enabling the counting of small growing follicles called Antral Follicle Count which is indicative of Ovarian Reserve in women.

These are preliminary investigations that can completely help the assessment of the difficulty in conceiving of most sub-fertile women. The treatment is based on these preliminary investigations.

Hormonal treatment has to be carefully done as it affects the entire body system. Childless couples need to undergo all the required tests in order to conceive.

Well-qualified trained professionals carry out these hormonal tests and one can rest assured that one is in safe hands. Ferty9 believes in high-quality professionalism and makes sure that the hormonal evaluation is done in a congenial atmosphere making the couples feel at comfort and at ease.

Ferty9 hormonal evaluation tests are popular and very dependable. Childless couples can seek an appointment with a well-qualified professional and clarify all doubts regarding these tests.

Make your way to Ferty9 if you want a healthy baby and you can expect good fertility results.


Ferty9 is at your doorstep to sort out your fertility problems. Hormonal evaluation tests will decipher your probability to conceive and be able to be a father or mother. Sounds great does it not? Parenthood is a pleasure and every childless couple would like to experience it. Ferty9 will make conceiving easy. The reliability of tests and their valid outcome is what matters and Ferty9 is in no way lagging behind in its hormonal evaluation procedures. Do visit Ferty9 at your earliest if you want to be a happy parent!

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What does hormonal evaluation of Ferty9 comprise of?

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