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Tubal Factor Infertility Tests is often caused by pelvic infection and it includes completely blocked fallopian tubes case, even it also cases with either one blocked tube or no blockage or other damage. The pelvic infection causes such as pelvic inflammatory or endometriosis disease or scar tissue which forms after pelvic surgery. It accounts for about 25-30% of all cases by Infertility treatment in Hyderabad. Ferty9 gives the best infertility treatment for blocked fallopian tube.

There are several causes of tubal blockage and structural damage to the fallopian tubes includes

  1. Tubal surgery or pelvic results by scar tissue
  2. Infection caused in pelvic or fallopian
  3. Endometriosis
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Causes for Tubal Problems

Women who have compared a sexually transmitted disease like chlamydia or gonorrhea or developed a pelvic infection like pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) -which can result from an untreated STD- have a greater risk of experiencing tubal factor infertility. Fallopian tube blockage treatment allows to travel egg from ovaries to the uterus and the fimbriated ends of the tubes grab hold the egg and cilia help to pass the egg down to the uterus. Fertilization occurs in the fallopian tubes, so that sperm must able to enter into the fallopian tubes and significant structural damage to the fallopian tubes may impact on each of these processes.

Fallopian tube blockage symptoms

It may cause a problem due to irregular menstrual cycles or unlike anovulation so that blocked Fallopian tubes rarely cause symptoms.

A particular kind of blocked fallopian tube called as hydrosalpinx, so that it may cause lower abdominal pain & uncommon vaginal discharge. But every women doesn’t have these symptoms

Treatment for Tubal Problems

When it comes to treating the one blocked fallopian tubes the best solution is tubal surgery and it is harmful, even it has several side effects. Most things happen from the tubal surgery it increases a woman’s risk developing of ectopic pregnancy.