Best Surrogacy Hospitals in Hyderabad- Surrogacy

Ferty9 Hospital provides Gestational Surrogacy treatment in Hyderabad to many couple. The procedure remains simple if you approach us. We have a spacious area where our surrogate mothers live comfortably under good support and care till their complete nine months pregnancy to delivery.

Gestational Surrogacy is a Third Party Reproduction. The genetic material is of needy parents and third party (surrogate) only pregnancy is carried for nine months. Generally women with absent uterus, uterine abnormalities or repeated miscarriages are benefitted through this gestation surrogacy program, we provide best surrogacy clinic in India and below we have mentioned steps to be involved. 

Steps Involved:

  • Selection of suitable qualified egg donors under ICMR guidelines.
  • Selection and arranging suitable gestational surrogate mothers under ICMR guidelines.
  • Medical and psychological screening of surrogates.
  • Synchronizing of LMP of egg donors with that of surrogates.
  • Explanation of laws and regulations of different countries to the needy couple.
  • Legal work up with all the respective consents and agreement with the parents and surrogate.
  • Assisting the needy couple to get a medical visa.
  • Surrogate mother welfare, nutritional support and accommodation.
  • Explanation of conditions involved in surrogate mother compensation.
  • All the care providing up to nine months till delivery.
  • At least one of the intended parents needs to have genetic link with the child.

We provide surrogacy treatment in Hyderabad, by these procedures are optional for the infertile women, who cannot produce healthy eggs or not having proper environment on gestational for pregnancy due to some reasons or when the man cannot produce healthy sperm.