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Which different tests performed before IVF treatment?

It helps to visit the best IVF center in Hyderabad for getting pre-IVF tests done. Top IVF centers in Hyderabad are particular about these tests to ensure a healthy baby.

Before IVF treatment several tests need to be performed. These required tests include Blood Group and Blood Sugar Level. The doctor determines the blood group and that of the partner in order. This is what is done at the best IVF center in Hyderabad. The idea is to prepare for blood group-related complications like rhesus disease as well as ABO incompatibility.

All clinics will also test for infectious diseases, such as HIV, Hep B, and VDRL. Other tests do include checking the rubella immunity, in case a person has not been vaccinated against rubella. If the test shows there is a problem, then this can be treated before starting IVF!

An HSG can be rather painful and this is not always essential before doing IVF. This is a very good way of documenting that the uterine cavity is anatomically normal, especially so, in towns with poor medical facilities.

The best infertility hospitals in Hyderabad are indeed worth visiting for expert IVF treatment processes. The best fertility doctor in Hyderabad will indeed do the needful. Fertility treatments in Hyderabad are excellent.

Top IVF centers in Hyderabad do these tests hormonal tests as they help the doctor to know how many eggs there are in a woman’s body, the ovarian reserve. Three hormones specifically are conducted- FSH, AMH, along with Estradiol. 

The best infertility hospitals in Hyderabad do ensure that such tests are done for the best results.

For IVF, it is important to check the following issues: eggs, sperm, uterus, as well as tubes.

Which different tests performed before IVF treatment?

Ovarian reserve testing: This sort involves a few simple hormone blood tests, which can rather provide a doctor with an idea of how several eggs there happen to be in a woman’s body, the ovarian reserve. Three hormones are tested FSH, AMH, as well as Estradiol.

Blood Group and Blood Sugar Level

Before IVF, the doctor will have to determine the blood group and that of the partner to prepare for blood group-related complications such as rhesus disease and ABO incompatibility.

The person needs to be tested for diabetes (high blood sugar level) and, if the person has it, then it needs to be managed to prevent complications.

Ovarian Reserve Testing

This test does seek to determine the quality as well as quantity of the eggs. The doctor will analyze a blood sample to determine the concentration of hormones such as anti-mullerian hormone, estrogen, as well as follicle-stimulating hormone.

An ultrasound scan of the woman’s ovaries is done, and this ovarian reserve testing will enable the doctor to get a general idea of how the ovaries might respond to fertility medication.

Tubal Patency Test

A tubal patency test happens to be a procedure that is used to check if fallopian tubes are blocked or open. The procedure can also be made used to check the shape of the uterine cavity as well as tubal patency to determine the kind of treatment a woman needs to conceive and also carry a pregnancy successfully. This test is known as an HSG (hysterosalpingogram) and does need to be performed at a specialized imaging center.

Infectious Disease Screening

The doctor will screen the person for infectious diseases such as rubella, hepatitis B, varicella, chlamydia, STIs, and HIV. These diseases can place the growth of a fetus at risk and also cause severe complications. Doing these tests does help doctors guide their patients on what is required to be done to ensure that mothers and babies are safe.

Semen Analysis

A sample of the semen needs to be obtained and taken to the laboratory for analysis. The analysis will rather consider the motility, shape, and also concentration of sperm in the semen.

If the sperm sample does indicate there can be fertility issues, a specialist will discuss options with you.


Top IVF centers in Hyderabad are known to conduct these tests for reliable IVF results.



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