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What to eat after embryo transfer IVF?

For IVF diet it is good to consult top gynecologist in Hyderabad and visiting best hospitals for gynecology in Hyderabad does help. Best gynecology hospital in Hyderabad has required information about IVF diet.

After successfully undergoing the IVF treatment and the last step of one’s IVF, which is embryo transfer, has been successfully carried out, then it is necessary to concentrate on how to increase the effectiveness of embryo implantation rather than just waiting for it to happen. For example, a healthy diet needs to be followed. Top gynecologist in Hyderabad can guide well.

Apart from paying attention to diet, a healthy lifestyle coupled with getting rid of bad habits and undertaking a workout should also be adopted. What we eat daily does affect our overall health and consuming unhealthy foods may not be helpful especially so when the person is in the crucial phase of IVF embryo implantation.

It is important to receive consultation from one’s fertility doctor about what should be eaten after embryo transfer and also make necessary timely changes as per doctor’s advice.

It helps to visit best hospitals for gynecology in Hyderabad.

Foods to eat after IVF embryo transfer

To increase the chances of embryo implantation it is better to cut down on sugar intake and try whole grains. The diet is rather quite similar to the diet of a woman who has attained pregnancy in a natural way.

Eating leafy greens, broccoli, sprouts, for protein try eggs, beans, yogurt, fish, nuts, and for fiber eat oats and other whole grains. The idea is to eat foods that are full of protein, high fiber, folic acid, omega-3 fatty acids, etc.

IVF patients need to follow a diet of a pregnant woman that does require a large quantity of fruits and vegetables. Trying to have food s enriched with proteins, fiber, as well as carbohydrates is a good idea. It is also good to take other essential vitamins cum minerals. But don’t go too hard on yourself and eat everything in an appropriate quantity. The kind of food that a person eats does affect the chances of healthy embryo implantation but there are issues as well to be taken into consideration such as one’s lifestyle.

What to eat after embryo transfer IVF?

Adding nuts, seeds, grains, dairy products, as well as sweet potato to one’s diet after embryo transfer can rather offer the patient the best outcomes. Healthy fat is needs to be part and parcel of IVF diet after embryo transfer. Although fats are considered to be harmful to the body, some healthy fats such as olive oil, flaxseed oil, chia seed, and so forth are beneficial.

Avocado happens to be healthy food that needs to be added to IVF diet after the embryo transfer process in the IVF treatment. Avocados happen to be rich in mono-saturated fat and do create a conducive environment and also enhance the chances of success. Dairy products as well as eggs need to be included as they are excellent source of protein.

Bananas can be added to one’s snacks and ensure the optimum benefits of healthy food for one’s pregnancy.

Few patients stop having coffee for about 2 weeks once they put the embryo back as they feel it can cause uterine contractions that could interfere with implantation. It does help to eat warm, nourishing foods, not too raw or cold food or icy drinks or ice cream.

Engaging in a regular less intense exercise routine keeps the blood circulation in one’s body just right. Do not try rigorous exercising as this may rather cause serious damage to one’s reproductive organs. It is important to stay hydrated. Full bed rest is not suggested at this point of time.

 Best gynecology hospital in Hyderabad can provide requisite information about IVF diet.


In order to avoid any chances of failure in IVF embryo implantation, eat proper foods and keep a calm and positive attitude while the pregnancy test is being carried out. Best gynecologist hospital in Hyderabad is the place for IVF treatment processes.


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