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Teratozoospermia happens to be the most common infertility problem in men. Teratozoospermia does cause genetic defects, a side effect of cancer treatment, diabetes, and stress. Continue reading about Treatment for Teratozoospermia.

Treatment for Teratozoospermia

Treatment for Teratozoospermia does, of course, include various fertility treatments such as IVF ICSI, IUI, and also the implementation of lifestyle changes.

Since ancient times, infertility is indeed considered to be a problem related to only women. No matter what, the medical checkup of men was not even considered important in order to establish the cause of infertility. But as times change, the role of male fertility has rather been studied a lot and its importance is reemphasized in defining fertility. This has also resulted in a change in the mindset of people who can now understand that infertility is not restricted to females only.

Now, it is a much-accepted fact that trouble in conceiving can also be due to a number of issues concerning sperm parameters of the male partner such as poor sperm count, motility or low quality. One of such issues is Teratospermia or treatment for Teratozoospermia.

What is Teratospermia or Teratozoospermia?

Teratospermia is rather defined as abnormal sperm morphology. It is also referred to as Teratozoospermia. This disorder does cause males to produce abnormally shaped sperm. The sperm produced is defective either at the head, midpiece or tail. Teratospermia is rather considered as one of the causes of male infertility. To check the morphology of sperm, semen analysis or seminogram is actually done with the use of dye test in order to see the shape of sperm under a microscope. These tests do reveal about the shape and also give a definite percentage of the morphological defects found in sperms.

Causes of Teratospermia

Many a time it is indeed difficult to establish a specific reason for teratozoospermia. It is rather taken for granted that morphological modifications that do occur during the end stage of spermatogenesis (the process of sperm production) are indeed responsible treatment for teratozoospermia.

It is also rather noticed that treatments such as chemotherapy as well as radiation therapy also have a role in the sperm production process hence leading to the onset of teratozoospermia. Men are also advised to have their semen sample frozen in case they wish to become a father in the future after the disease is treated completely.

Then there are certain drugs that can also interact with hormones produced in the body such as FSH, testosterone, and GnRH to cause changes in the sperm production process resulting in incomplete maturation. This is another reason of teratozoospermia in men.

There are rather quite a few factors that do lead to Teratospermia. The causes of the abnormal shape of sperms are rather different for person to person and also sometimes it is rather quite difficult to assess the reason behind this disease. Some of the most commonly occurring reasons identified up till now can contribute to the occurrence of teratozoospermia are:

• Genetic
• Cancer treatments like chemotherapy or radiotherapy
• Testicular disorders
• Unhealthy diet
• Obesity
• Stress or any infections
• Tobacco, drugs or alcohol, etc.
• High fever
• Traumas or other testicular problems
• Varicocele
• Meningitis
• Diabetes mellitus
• Semen infections
• Alcohol and drug abuse

Some of the reasons for Teratospermia can also be cured if one prefers to keep a check on one’s diet plan, leave unhealthy habits, reduce stress level, etc. With such corrective measures, sperm quality can improve, leading to better chances of curing infertility.

Types of Teratospermia

Before discussing the treatment for teratozoospermia, let us learn about the defects in sperm cells that can be found at any part of its bodies such as head, midpiece or tail. It can also indeed occur with all or in the combination of any two types of abnormalities. The normal sperm has an oval-shaped head and a long tail whereas abnormal sperm has head or tail defects such as misshapen head or double tail etc.

  • Sperm morphology does determine the type of Teratospermia and its grade of severity like Normal sperm Morphology > 14%
  • Mild teratospermia- here the normal sperm morphology value ranges between 10 – 14%
  • Moderate Teratospermia- here the normal sperm morphology value is between 5-9%
  • Severe Teratospermia- here the normal sperm morphology value is less than 5%

These types do indicate the percentage of normal or abnormal sperm cells in a semen sample, but in order to know the defects in sperm, Teratospermia index is the use of.

Treatment for TeratozoospermiaTreatment for Teratozoospermia

Since the type of defect is identified, the next step is to move on to the treatment. The treatment for Teratospermia is indeed possible. With proper treatment a man can also achieve normal pregnancy, keeping in mind that other sperm parameters as being normal. Sperm count and motility are indeed the key points to be kept in mind in such a case.

1. The first treatment is Lifestyle changes – A man with Teratospermia does need to give up his unhealthy habits such as cigarette smoking, alcoholic drinks or drugs if taking.

One should opt for a healthy lifestyle which does involve regular exercise, eating a balanced diet, etc. One should indeed take food which is rich in antioxidants & amino acids to boost up the sperm quality.

Omega -3 fatty acid rich food, vitamins are required for healthy sperm. One can also take vitamin supplements too. This is a natural treatment for teratozoospermia.

2. Fertility treatment is also indeed possible in order to achieve a pregnancy with poor sperm morphology.

Advanced medical reproductive technology does make it possible for a man with teratospermia to have a baby.

In case of mild teratospermia, IUI treatment in Hyderabad, which is intrauterine insemination that can be used as a treatment option, however, it is also important to know that sperm count, as well as motility, needs to be normal as well as the female partner should also be medically fit.

In the case of moderate & severe teratospermia- IVF treatment in Hyderabad /ICSI can rather be chosen as a treatment option. IVF or In-vitro fertilization is a type of assisted reproductive technology where eggs and sperms are rather fertilized in laboratories and once they are fertilized, the resultant embryo is then transferred to the woman’s uterus.

Whereas, Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is the process by which a selected sperm cell is inserted directly into one’s ovum. This does eliminate the difficulty involved in sperm reaching as well as penetrating the egg.

It has to be noted that the teratozoospermia condition is a reversible one. The likeliness of getting treated is more in case the causing factors are temporary in nature, which does include high fever or a stressful event. If the morphological changes are visible in sperm they do continue to reflect in the second analysis report, which is usually taken after few months, there is also a good possibility that there are other associated diseases as a contributing factor. In a scenario where it appears to be occurring due to genetic reasons, teratozoospermia can turn out to be a very serious situation.


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