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Thoughts while waiting for the first ultrasound in IVF

Childless couples opt for IVF to have a baby. The first ultrasound in IVF does make the woman nervous and generate prior anxiety. It is good to be prepared psychologically as well as physically for the test.

Every individual undergoing their first ultrasound in IVF experiences certain thoughts prior to it.

What sort of thoughts?

He feels that his IVF treatment will turn out to be positive, and he is hoping for a positive pregnancy test. Without a doubt, there is a great deal of anxiety.

Competent advice from experts helps. A few strategies to stay calm help.

Prior to undergoing IVF, people hoped to get pregnant naturally. The first scan of IVF does mean crazy anxiety every single day, thinking negatively about whether the baby may not come through after all.

The couple feels no doubt that they will have a baby, but they need to be strong and brave!

Aromatherapy, talking to good friends or a therapist, light yoga to connect with one’s body, and nature walks help prior to the first ultrasound in IVF.

The best way to deal with pre-scan anxiety during prior (non-IVF) miscarriage pregnancies was to stay really busy. Being busy with work, signing up for classes, meal prepping, and planning helps.

It is said that the most emotional moment of pregnancy undoubtedly happens to be the first ultrasound. The first image of the woman’s embryo in the mother’s uterus, during the early weeks of gestation, is rather a unique experience for the expectant parents. The emotional impact is even greater in the case of pregnancies achieved via IVF. The first ultrasound in IVF does become significant the moment the good news is confirmed and the child in the womb becomes noticeable.

What to expect at the first ultrasound after IVF

The first ultrasound performed after IVF highlights:

The embryo

In the first ultrasound, the embryo can sometimes be seen, but in several cases, it is still too small. The embryo is formed by a group of cells from which all organs develop. In appearance, it is a structure attached to the yolk sac in the early weeks of pregnancy. Its size does range from 2 to 8 mm. However, its growth is rapid during this phase, at a rate of about 1 mm per day.

Thoughts while waiting for the first ultrasound in IVF
Thoughts while waiting for the first ultrasound in IVF


Around the sixth week, the heartbeat can be heard.

Amniotic cavity

The amniotic cavity is, of course, visible on the first ultrasound after IVF.

Nervousness about the first ultrasound after IVF

It is normal to feel nervous and even anxious when it comes to the first ultrasound after IVF. Several patients consider the “ultrasound wait” to be difficult.

Yet, it is important to stay calm and also be aware that not everything can always be seen in the first ultrasound after IVF. This is not really an indication or a sign that the pregnancy is not progressing normally or that there will be problems.

Two main factors must be taken into account:

The development of the embryo is variable.

The normal development of an embryo is highly variable. The ultrasound images reflect a snapshot of a moment. Simply changing the position of the embryo can produce a different image. Therefore, if irregularities are detected in the image, it is often required to verify them with a second ultrasound with a few days’ difference.

Images differ from one patient to another.

Patients often compare their test results, and it is common to worry when something does not match.

Depending on one’s body tissue, ultrasound can vary, and the individual conditions of each body can thus result in different images. These images can be clear or even blurry, so medical assessments may vary between similar ultrasounds of different women.


The first ultrasound in IVF does make a woman tense and anxious. It is good to be prepared well ahead of time for the day of the test.


Dantheswari Baskar

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