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The Pros and Cons of Sex after Insemination

Sex after insemination is of great concern to childless couples who want to have a baby. Sex insemination per se does matter to both couples and experts, too.

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) happens to be a type of artificial insemination for treating infertility. In this context, sex insemination needs to be considered too.

The outcome of intrauterine insemination is to ensure that the sperm swims into the fallopian tube and also fertilizes a waiting egg, resulting in pregnancy. Depending on the reasons for infertility, IUI can indeed be coordinated with one’s normal cycle or with fertility medications.

Intrauterine insemination (IUI), which is the injection of sperm into the woman’s uterus by means of a catheter directed via the cervix, has been practiced for several years. The premise of such a procedure is that sperm can indeed reach and fertilize the egg more easily if placed directly into the woman’s uterine cavity.

Fertility issues are generally of much concern to parents, as they have the dream of having their little ones running around their house, but sometimes life does not go the way a person wants.

Couples faced with fertility issues have been diagnosed as being infertile and are usually presented with different fertility treatment options, which include IUI as well as IVF. While IVF does entail a mildly invasive procedure whereby the female’s eggs are removed and then   lowed to fertilize with the sperm in vitro prior to the embryos being transferred back, IUI does not involve taking the egg out of the female’s reproductive organ and does not, of course, include in vitro fertilization either.

When to have sex after IUI?

It is to be known that the period after one’s IUI is a good time to have sex with the partner, but this may be advised about 48 hours after one’s insemination, as  the person would still be requiring rest. Despite the fact that the sperm have rather been inseminated into one’s uterus, doctors do believe that sex can lead to contraction of the woman’s uterine walls; hence, pushing the sperm cells further towards the fallopian tubes and also to the egg turns out to be the process.

IVF Treatment and Intercourse

The other time intercourse can be discouraged is following an embryo transfer at the time of an IVF cycle. This period is referred to as “pelvic rest”  and  is  recommended anywhere from five days to two weeks after the transfer when a pregnancy test can in fact  be reliably administered. This rest does provide the embryo optimal time to implant into the uterine wall. Most IVF patients can rather resume normal sexual activity a week or two after their embryo transfer, but always check with the doctor or nurse prior.

The Pros and Cons of Sex after Insemination
The Pros and Cons of Sex after Insemination

IUI Treatment & Intercourse

If a couple is indeed undergoing an IUI, there are few restrictions on intercourse since implantation does not occur for about a week afterward.

Pros of sex after IUI
  • During an IUI cycle, encouragement can be given to couple to have intercourse the evening after the insemination as this makes the couple more  intimate, and also helps increase the chances of fertilization by adding to the sperm that in fact  had been introduced during the insemination.
  • Encouraging patients not to lose sight of their relationship’s need for intimacy during fertility treatment is also important. Sex happens to be a normal part of a couple’s relationship and that should not be embarrassed to talk with the physician about being intimate during the treatment cycle.
  • Keeping the romance alive is essential. Romance with sex is what matters.
Cons of  Sex  after IUI
  • During any cycle it is normal to expect some minor bleeding as a result of intercourse on account of to the highly vascular tissues of the female reproductive system. But if the patient is experiencing pain with the bleeding, she should then refrain from intercourse.
  • It is rather stressful to go through infertility and then make the choice to enter treatment as maintaining the relationship between the couple is necessary. Sex after insemination cannot be ignored completely.

Sex insemination is an issue that does matter to childless couples.


Dantheswari Baskar

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