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Teratozoospermia Causes and Treatment Options to Consider

Teratozoospermia causes cannot be overlooked to find the proper Teratozopspermia treatment. Both men and women need to make conscious efforts to ensure that they can concave and thus observe the problem on hand.

Fertility differs from person to person and also from man to woman. The problems do differ in the female partner, and a couple is unable to conceive a child. Even the man can be responsible for not conceiving due to sperm count and fertility decrease.

What is Teratozoospermia all about?

It is to do with abnormal sperm that happens to be found in a higher percentage inside the male reproductive system. This condition will indeed take place when any sort of deviation in the normal size and shape of the sperm tends to occur.

Teratozoospermia Causes and Treatment Options to Consider

About Sperm

Reference is made to the ordinary sperm, comprising of some parts such as the tail, neck, head, as well as mid-piece. The shape of its head is oval which is rather covered by a structure referred to as an acrosome.

Teratozoospermia Causes

  • Chemotherapy and radiation therapy which are administered to a patient suffering from cancer can lead to Teratozoospermia.
  • Identification of a few drugs that can interact with hormones that tend to develop in the body such as follicle-stimulating hormone, gonadotropin-releasing hormone, as well as testosterone hormone that tends to cause changes in the production of sperm process and thus resulting in incomplete maturation. Teratozoospermia is considered to be a cause behind infertility in men as most abnormal spermatozoa are not able to penetrate the egg. The quality of sperm can be rather be affected by a few factors such as problems in the testicles, vasectomies, fevers, diabetes mellitus, smoking, as well as usage of alcohol, cocaine, and also marijuana, poor diet, varicocele, inappropriate habits that increase the temperature in the testicles. This Teratozoospermia causes cannot be negated.

Treatment Options For Teratozoospermia

  • When it comes to Teratozopspermia treatment, it is indeed identified by an individual, and the focus must certainly depend on its treatment. It has been stated that the treatment of teratozoospermia is rather possible and a man can make of course efforts to bring normal pregnancy, keeping in mind that other parameters of sperm need to be normal.
  • It is important to understand that in case Teratozoospermia has been acknowledged as being secondary to viral infections, acute stressful situations, or high fevers, it can be reversible. Mild to even moderate Teratozoospermia is indeed attributable to other causes that do of course prove to be reversible with punctual interference as well as a few lifestyle changes.  A man suffering from Teratozoospermia needs to avoid the habits of cigarette smoking, alcoholic drinks, as well as drugs. There must be a presence of a healthy lifestyle that does contain regular exercise and they have to focus on eating a nutritious cum balanced diet.
  • To encourage and uplift the quality of sperm, it is a good idea to try to consider those foods which are rich in antioxidants as well as amino acids. Omega-3 fatty acid-rich food and vitamins are also helpful in motivating sperm health.
  • All such things prove to be the natural treatment for Teratozoospermia. Make sure to keep the body healthy and fit. This is one of those major things responsible to keep the condition of sperm good.

Thus a man can improve the health of the sperm by certainly avoiding a few bad habits and also adopting a healthier lifestyle. There can be cases in which the condition can rather be difficult to handle. In case a person does feel the requirement of assistance, there is an availability of doctors as well as fertility experts for the consultation to whom a person can talk as well as identify the treatment options. There indeed might be a condition where they do prefer to opt for treatments such as in-vitro fertilization or Intracytoplasmic sperm injection after diagnosing the condition.


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