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Know about Blastocyst?

For Blastocysts, patients can approach top gynecologists in Hyderabad. The best hospitals for gynecology in Hyderabad are well-equipped to treat blastocysts. Patients can visit the best gynecology hospital in Hyderabad

A blastocyst happens to be a rapidly growing ball of hundreds of cells. The inner cells do become an embryo, whereas outer cells will rather protect it. If an embryo is transferred at the blastocyst stage, the chances of implantation are indeed very high. Top gynecologists in Hyderabad can focus well on this health issue.

A blastocyst is a step leading to pregnancy. A blastocyst tends to form about five to six days after a sperm fertilizes an egg. Layers of cells in the blastocyst divide and also separate.

Blastocysts do follow after the morula phase, which is when the egg does become a solid ball of cells until day three. At this point, the growing embryo does need space. To compensate for this need, the blastocyst does form a larger, hollow ball of cells with a fluid center to meet its growing cellular constraints. The blastocyst then develops layers.

The best gynecology hospital in does concern itself with such health issues.

Need for embryo transfer

IVF as well as embryo transfer are rather required in situations where natural fertilization is not a choice or has some problems from happening. Various other reasons are there for embryo transfer which include:

  • Few eggs are indeed available for successful fertilization if the ovulation is infrequent. This is known as ovulation disorder and in such cases, a doctor does recommend IVF and embryo transfer.
  • Fallopian tube damage is when the doctor does suggest IVF and blastocyst.
  • Endometriosis is also another health issue problem that involves implantation of the tissue from the woman’s uterus and also develops outside the uterus. It can rather lead to affecting how the women’s reproduction functions, and therefore in such situations IVF and blastocyst or embryo transfer.
  • Premature ovarian failure does occur when ovaries are unable to produce the normal estrogen amounts or release the eggs naturally.
  • Uterine fibroids happen to be tiny tumors on the uterus wall which can rather cause the problem of inefficiency in an egg for planting itself in the uterus to avoid pregnancy.
  • Genetic disorders can be the cause for preventing pregnancy from happening and hence IVF cum embryo transfer is initiated as a treatment.
  • Impaired sperm’s low production does include sperm poor movement, testes damage, and semen anomalies that happen to be the causes of natural fertilization failure. Thus, IVF and blastocyst are recommended.

Know about Blastocyst?

During and after the embryo transfer

The doctor will initiate the process by picking the finest eggs to transfer to the female womb around 2 or 3 days before the embryo transfer. Many processes are available there for aid selection, however, there are non-invasive methods like metabolic profiling that are in the process of testing. Metabolic profiling involves the selection of the finest eggs based on several varied factors. It can also lead to limiting the requirement for invasive procedures in the upcoming time. The fertilization of eggs takes place in the lab and is left to culture for around one or two days. If the quality of the eggs is good and there are many, then the unused eggs can be frozen.

Embryo transfer process

The process of embryo transfer is no doubt linked to the Pap smear test. The doctor will rather initiate the process by inserting a speculum into the female vagina so that the walls do open up. Accuracy will be ensured via the use of ultrasound and then the doctor will begin the process by passing a catheter via the cervix and into one’s womb. Then, the embryos are passed via the tube and into the womb.

After the embryo transfer

It will involve a follow-up appointment after two weeks to identify whether the transferred blastocyst was successful or not.

Embryo transfers risks and precautions

  • Risks occurring due to embryo transfers are not usually linked with enhanced hormonal stimulation.
  • Patients need to visit the best hospitals for gynecology in Hyderabad for successful treatment results.


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