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Is It Possible For IVF Mothers To Deliver A Baby Vaginally?

The best IVF centers in Andhra Pradesh are well-versed in delivery via IVF and vaginal delivery. IVF specialists in Andhra Pradesh have the expertise.

The question that arises in the mind of conceiving couples is whether IVF mothers can deliver a baby vaginally? It is indeed possible to have a normal delivery of IVF pregnancies. Several clinics do give such assurance following the IVF treatment is like a normal pregnancy. Best IVF centers in Andhra Pradesh, IVF specialists in Andhra Pradesh can do the needful.

Some may be unfamiliar with the IVF process, and may not be aware of the option to choose the gender of one’s baby which can appear very futuristic, and even controversial. But gender selection does happen quite often in fertility clinics around one’s country. This happens to be a small aspect of the genetic testing that may take place before a mom-to-be even tends to get pregnant.

Usually, the woman gives herself a shot every day for 10 to 12 days. Those shots happen to be hormonal stimulants designed to help her body produce more mature eggs. The eggs are then rather retrieved as well as fertilized. The embryos grow for one week in the lab before being sent for genetic testing (if the couple chooses to do so), which does take about another week.

What to know about vaginal birth?

Vaginal birth is the manner of delivering the baby unless the woman has complications that do require a c-section. For first-time moms, it can rather take somewhere between hours to days to give birth vaginally. Most women in the U.S. deliver at a hospital and then choose to have pain medication during labor, usually delivered via an epidural.

Is it possible for IVF mothers to deliver a baby vaginally?

IVF happens to be the most common assisted consumption method made use of by infertile women. IVF process does involve taking eggs from the ovaries and also mixing them with the sperm in a laboratory. Then the fertilized egg will rather be inserted into the woman’s uterus. Several women doubt whether they could have a normal delivery or require a C-section with an IVF pregnancy. Yet, IVF pregnancy is no doubt, quite similar to normal pregnancy, and also delivering a baby normally will not get affected by the way the woman conceives.

Is It Possible For IVF Mothers To Deliver A Baby Vaginally?

Normal Pregnancy and IVF Pregnancy

Normal pregnancy has been acknowledged as being when a couple participates in sexual intercourse and the man does ejaculate semen into the vagina. By this, the sperm can relatively easily reach ovaries and also help fertilize an egg known as an embryo. The embryo will then be moved to the uterus and will rather get attached to the uterus lining.

Couples who have of course tried for natural pregnancy several times and have, unfortunately, failed every time will prefer to go for an IVF process. An IVF process does include 6 steps such as:

  • Ovarian stimulation
  • Fertilization of egg with sperm
  • Retrieving egg and sperm
  • Incubation where the embryo will be monitored for 5 days
  • Implanting embryo into one’s uterus
  • Test for pregnancy

IVF happens to be one of the best fertility treatments as it does offer the highest success rate of any other fertility procedure.

The main difference between normal pregnancy and of course IVF pregnancy is awareness. Women who happened to have conceived naturally may not indeed be aware of pregnancy till the 1st or 2nd month of their pregnancy stage. On the other hand, women who have gone through IVF are aware of their pregnancy once the embryo does get transferred to the woman’s uterus.

Women who have conceived naturally will rather take vitamins and required supplements after coming to know about the pregnancy. IVF women will prefer to take progesterone injections and other supplements before their pregnancy getting confirmed.


Efforts need to be made to consult IVF specialists in Andhra Pradesh for an IVF delivery.


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