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IVF and Beyond Alternative Fertility Treatment Options

Fertility treatment has several approaches which can be tried out. Women desiring to be pregnant, apart from IVF can try such fertility options.

IVF is a popular way of conceiving in case normal pregnancy is not possible. It is a form of fertility treatment. Yet, evidence shows otherwise that, IUI with fertility drugs can be worth considering as an alternative to the very high cost as well as invasiveness of IVF. For unexplained infertility, Clomid with IUI does appear to be the preferred choice over IUI with gonadotropins.

Making an appointment with an acupuncturist can be considered. After a few sessions, a woman can become pregnant. The acupuncturist immediately puts the patient on a “miscarriage prevention” program that does include needles as well as Chinese herbs designed to strengthen her uterus. And although the patient constantly is worried about losing the baby, the treatments are painless as well as soothing. 

Several couples do find conventional treatments such as IVF, intrauterine insemination (IUI), and ovulatory drugs too invasive and also stressful or way too expensive. 

Acupuncture, exercise therapy, counseling, and yoga are also very positive. Patients are given guidance on nutrition counseling and other alternative approaches to fertility as well. The idea is to reduce stress and improve success rates.

Fertility booster is in the form of diet and supplements

Naturopathy is also alternative. The patient is placed on a gluten-free diet as it is felt that gluten can trigger inflammation in the body and affects ovaries. Other options are supplements containing healthy oils high in omega-3s, like flax seed as well as sesame, to help balance hormones.

Fat dairy products and those low in trans-fats had fewer fertility problems. A healthy diet coupled with regular exercise lowers insulin levels, which in turn does help balance hormones to ensure regular ovulation. 

Fertility booster in the form of therapy is possible

Chronic stress tends to deplete one’s body of nutrients. Also, treatment for mental health problems, like depression as well as anxiety, needs to be treated. The pregnant woman needs to have a healthy state of mind as a prerequisite to ensure procreation. Barington’s therapy does involve talking, exercise as well as meditation. The focus of the program happens to be on helping pregnant woman to regain a sense of control over their lives and also be happy. Relieving their stress is important.

IVF and Beyond Alternative Fertility Treatment Options
IVF and Beyond Alternative Fertility Treatment Options

Fertility boosters can also be concerned with Qigong

Painful periods can cause much discomfort. Patients do suffer from endometriosis. A fertility doctor thought of laser surgery to reduce endometriosis and enrolled patients in fertility programs like Qigong which is a form of exercise that resembles tai chi, but with fewer movements. This makes the body move to clear out blockages. If the blockage is lifted like in acupuncture, health is restored. 

What else?

1. Cutting out the vices: Alcohol, cigarettes, and caffeine do reduce male as well as female fertility. They are not good for the fetus. Even second-hand smoke leads to fertility problems and miscarriage.

2. Have sex:  Regular sex does not just increase the chances of getting pregnant; a particular study found men who ejaculate regularly have healthier sperm.

3. Make it hot: Research does show men may rather ejaculate 50 percent more sperm when they are having a good time.

4. Check the juices: Some fertility experts tend to discourage women from charting their body temperatures to find out when they are ovulating: It is a time-consuming process that is not always accurate. It is better to check the discharge in one’s vagina every day. (When it is clear as well as slippery and appears like an egg white, then the woman is fertile, and it is time for sex.)

5. Prioritize sleep: One’s reproductive system happens to be on a cycle linked to one’s circadian rhythm, so logging more hours between the sheets is important.


There are several options and approaches to fertility treatments.


Dantheswari Baskar

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