Overeating and obesity are not good as they increase the risk of diabetes, joint problems, heart disease and many other conditions. Obesity can adversely affect fertility in women. Stress, as well as anxiety, can also affect one’s chances of becoming pregnant.

A healthy weight is very important in order to conceive as overeating can indeed cause hormonal changes once the body mass index does cross the limit referred to as entering into the obesity condition. Obesity can also include resistance to insulin, which in turn can affect the menstrual cycle which might increase the infertility chances as well. Getting pregnant through normal or assisted procedures can also be more challenging due to obesity, as there are increased chances of miscarriage, both in normal cases and for in vitro fertilization procedure.

Hormonal issues are indeed attributed as one of the causes of obesity, where the body is indeed unable to produce quality eggs. The risks of becoming pregnant on account of obesity include the decrease in one’s partner’s fertility rate, where a drop in the production of testosterone is observed, thus leading to infertility problems. Hence, losing weight is very important in order to increase the chances of fertility. Stress and as anxieties are causes of overeating, which may indeed affect the hormonal balance, thus leading to an increased risk of infertility among women. Longer periods of stress and anxiety can indeed lead to the release of a hormone called cortisol by the adrenaline glands and might have an effect on infertility.

Meditation, as well as exercise, can indeed help to reduce the stress factor in women during the process of conceiving, whether by the normal processor by assisted methods. Meditation can also help to overcome the impulse of overeating or the crave for comfort food.

Fertility specialists help to overcome the stress as well as anxiety factors. This can also help in the process of getting pregnant, especially when it is through the assisted procedures.

Obesity does indeed negatively affect the reproductive functioning as well as psychological well-being. Obese women tend to have more frequent episodes of binge eating, shape concerns and low self-esteem symptoms that are associated with disordered eating. Obese infertile women do present characteristics of binge eating, low self-esteem as well as body shape.

Obesity is a major global health problem that has rather reached pandemic proportions. Obesity is broadly defined as accrued body fat that exceeds a clinically defined weight threshold. Patient-obese weight status is of particular concern to fertility healthcare providers. With the backdrop of fertility treatment setbacks, obese infertile patients do undergo fertility treatment that may be expected to have poorer psychological well-being as compared with either healthy weight or overweight infertile patients.

Stress is rather a critical risk factor that does affect both the development of addictive disorders and also relapse to addictive behaviors.

Stress and allostasis

Stress involves uncontrollable as well as overwhelming emotional or physiological event or series of events result in adaptive or maladaptive processes required to regain homeostasis and/or stability. Emotional stressors do include interpersonal conflict, loss of a meaningful relationship, unemployment, a death of a close family member, or loss of a child. Some common physiological stressors include hunger or food deprivation, insomnia or sleep deprivation, severe illness, extreme hyperthermia or hypothermia, psychoactive drug effects and drug withdrawal states.

Stress, chronic adversity, and increased vulnerability to obesity

Chronic stress has the bad effect on health. It affects the body functioning. One is vulnerable to obesity as well. One feels nervous at times and anxious and tends to eat more thus putting on weight.

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