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Contraception Options for Males with Low Sperm Count

Male infertility treatment in Hyderabad is based on sophisticated medical lines. Patients can confidently get treated for infertility at a male infertility hospital in Hyderabad.

Proper family planning methods for male birth control options are available. Male infertility treatment in Hyderabad is considered to be of high order.

Currently Available Options

1. Condom

Wearing a condom during intercourse does prevent unwanted pregnancies as well as a myriad of sexually transmitted diseases. A condom has an 87% success rate of preventing conception.

Benefits of Using a Condom

  • The odds of preventing an unwanted pregnancy are indeed relatively high when making use of a condom.
  • Condoms are a proper method of preventing the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Condoms do come in a lot of variety, shapes, as well as flavors, giving a person a range to choose from.
  • Also, condoms are rather easy to use and also dispose of.
  • Male contraceptive like this has no medical side effects and is a favored option among several.

Disadvantages of Using Condoms

  • A large number of males cum females are no doubt allergic to latex as well as rubber and thus using a condom causes allergic reactions.
  • Also, the process of making use of or removing a condom can rather interrupt a rather intense sexual moment, hence it is unsatisfactory to several couples.
  • Several people, both male, and female feel condoms interfere with their sexual intercourse experience.
  • The condom could rupture and also fail to serve its intended purpose.

2. Vasectomy

Vasectomy happens to be a male contraception method that does involve the surgical removal of the vas deferens. This part of the male reproductive system happens to be a tube that does carry sperm .of unwanted pregnancies.

How effective is a vasectomy?

Apart from abstinence, vasectomies happen to be the next most effective birth control method. 

Advantages of Having a Vasectomy

  • When compared to female sterilization, male vasectomy is indeed cheaper and also more effective.
  • The procedure does not interfere with one’s sex drive.
  • One’s semen does remain normal.
  • Recovery is quick.

Contraception Options for Males with Low Sperm Count

3. No-Scalpel Vasectomy

To avoid an incision during a vasectomy, then the no-scalpel vasectomy is the best option. During the keyhole vasectomy, a surgeon does use a sharp tool to puncture the scrotum. Then, he or she removes a small piece of the Vas Deferens, after which stitching is done of the puncture.

What sort of treatment for low male sperm count?

Antibiotic treatment: In rare cases, low sperm count happens to be a transient condition that is caused due to an infection. Some infections tend to interfere with sperm production or perhaps sperm health which can rather cause scarring that blocks the passage of sperm.

IVF with ICSI appears to be often the best treatment option for men who tend to suffer from low sperm count.

Hormonal treatment: If a male patient has rather low levels of pituitary hormones that do stimulate sperm production, then it is better to consider hormonal treatment before considering more invasive options (such as IVF with ICSI).

Male birth control gel: If the gel does not lower the sperm count to acceptable contraception levels in 12 weeks, the trial is extended for 4 weeks. Once the sperm levels in the ejaculate happen to be low enough, the clinical trials progress for a further 52 weeks to exhaust all aspects of the research. The male birth control gel is yet to hit commercial markets.


Men can solve their infertility issues at a male infertility hospital in Hyderabad.  Male infertility treatment in Hyderabad is carried out in a sophisticated manner.



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