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Top Factors Affecting the IVF Success and Failure

IVF Success and Failure Infertile couples will find IVF costs in Hyderabad hospitals very reasonable and affordable. IVF specialists in Andhra Pradesh have the required know-how to treat such couples.

A set of fertility procedures that do assist in conceiving by artificially fertilizing the retrieved ovaries with sperm are followed for the delivery of a healthy baby. It is a minimally invasive procedure and also recovery day is about one day. The duration is for about a few minutes and a hospital stay is not typically required. IVF cost in Hyderabad hospitals is affordable.

Factors influencing the procedure

  • Age: The age of the woman happens to be the single biggest factor that affects the success of an IVF procedure.
  • The sort of fertility problems: IVF does do wonders for most couples faced with a range of common fertility-related problems.
  • Previous pregnancy: A woman does indeed have a greater chance of conceiving via IVF/ICSI if she has been rather pregnant before.
  • Lifestyle: If one of the partners tends to smoke a lot, the chances of conceiving are much reduced.

The probability of success rate in fertility-related treatments such as In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) does vary from one couple to another. Some are fortunate to conceive in the very first cycle, whereas others might rather obtain positive results after several attempts. Therefore, it is difficult to make any conclusive statements to those who do seek IVF to conceive.

Top Factors Affecting the IVF Success and Failure

Some more top factors that can affect the outcome of an IVF cycle

1. The beginning of conception happens to be the fusion of the egg and the sperm to form a zygote or embryo. Therefore, the presence of healthy eggs, as well as sperm, is inevitable, and this further depends on several factors.

2. Implantation of the Embryo

3. Ovarian Factors

Besides the endometrium, the ovaries occasionally do not respond to IVF medication and do not produce multiple eggs. This is due to the increased age of the expecting mother and/or high levels of follicle-stimulating hormones.

4. IVF Lab Facilities

The laboratory where the IVF process is conducted must be tightly monitored. Humidity, PH factor, oxygen, temperature, light, carbon dioxide concentrations, and other factors must be maintained uniformly. There is a high chance that the quality of embryos may suffer if there is the slightest change in the environment.

5. Nutrition and environmental factors also do play an important role in the quality of eggs and sperm which are required for IVF success. The fertility clinic: Perhaps one of the biggest external factors determining the success of IVF treatment happens to be the clinic chosen by the couple for their treatment.

With a success rate of 60-65%, IVF is considered to be the most successful for Indian women between the ages of 24 and 35. This is expected, as this is the age range as women are at their peak of fertility. As age increases, the success rate does drop. This is so as the quality and perhaps the quantity of a woman’s eggs does reduce as she grows older.

Certain other problems such as fibroids, uterine abnormalities, and ovarian dysfunction are more difficult to overcome by simple IVF and also require other surgeries or donor programs. For male factor infertility, ICSI has been acknowledged as being the best option.

The type of fertility problems faced by couples, IVF does wonders for them as they face a range of common fertility-related problems. For instance, in women, problems such as endometriosis blocked fallopian tubes and PCOS, and in men, low sperm count, motility, as well as morphology can generally be easily tackled with IVF.


IVF specialists in Andhra Pradesh can deal with infertility issues as they have adequate knowledge about IVF procedures.




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