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5 Problems of Surrogacy in Hyderabad – How to Solve?

Surrogacy in Hyderabad is much sought after by childless couples and even at times by single parents. The surrogacy center in Hyderabad has all the amenities for safe delivery via surrogacy.

Surrogacy is no doubt popularly referred to as third-party parenting. Childless couples tend to opt for it. Such procedures are rather optional for infertile women, who are not able to produce healthy eggs for a few reasons or even perhaps not having a proper gestational environment for a healthy pregnancy or if the man cannot produce healthy sperm or fails in male infertility treatment in Hyderabad.

The preferred choice of the surrogate does require to be left to the best infertility doctors in Hyderabad who happen to be working in the best fertility center as they can rather select a suitable lady.

Traditional surrogacy does involve the union of the egg of a surrogate mother and, usually, the sperm of the commissioning father. The commissioning father would indeed be the child’s legal father, and the surrogate mother the child’s legal mother, in the home country of both the concerned parents. Surrogacy in Hyderabad does entail such issues as well.

Common Problems of Surrogacy

Legal Issues- surrogacy is still illegal in some countries. A legal problem can arise. Maybe the surrogate did not fill something out correctly. Or perhaps someone is breaking one of the agreements that are listed in the surrogate agreement contract, or gestational surrogacy arrangement (GSA for short).

Surrogates’ refusal- to give the child.

• Violating the Contract- The surrogacy agreement and the role of the attorney are important aspects of the surrogacy process. Problems can arise.

Medical Complications- during or before pregnancy. There have been problems due to medical needs or procedures the surrogate may have after being medically screened by one’s fertility clinic.

Ethical Issues- related to surrogacy.

Other problems

  • Apart from these, there were also several other legal complications regarding surrogacy in India. The exploitation of the Surrogate Mother is an issue. There have been rather instances where the surrogate mother is said to be at risk of sexual abuse, failing to pay compensation, illegally selling the ovum, and so forth.
  • The payment for bodily services dehumanizes the surrogate mother and exploits her reproductive organs and capability for the personal gains of the wealthy. Outsourcing surrogacy is an exploitative practice in India. The surrogacy center in Hyderabad is much concerned about such activities.

Compensation Problems- Issues concerning surrogate compensation, need to be addressed to one’s surrogacy agency rather than the surrogate. While surrogates are usually good-hearted, several of them are interested in earning as much compensation as possible. f they believe that they are being paid too low then they need to be directed to the agency.

Lifestyle Problems- One of the surrogacy qualifications that several surrogates have to meet is to be a nonsmoker and not be addicted to either drugs or even alcohol. Surrogates may break their habits long enough for their medical records to be satisfactory. However, they may indeed collapse under the pressure of pregnancy.

Surrogate eating habits are of much concern. Perhaps she drinks too much coffee or is not taking sufficient vegetables and fruits. Lifestyle does matter to ensure a healthy baby.

5 Problems of Surrogacy in Hyderabad – How to Solve?

  • Transfer of Multiple Embryos

When women become a surrogate, they do so with the hope of being as safe as possible.

Pregnancy is not all that easy and risk is there for the surrogate other. Naturally, certain agreements are made as to how several embryos are transferred into the surrogate at a given time. The surrogate might not be able to have more children afterward.

  • Termination

Surrogates don’t often think about termination and prefer to carry the baby to term. Yet, complications can arise, and disagreements between the surrogate as well as the intended parents on how to handle the situation may occur. There may be grounds to terminate it, yet pacing the surrogate at risk may be a difficult issue to deal with.


Surrogacy centers in Hyderabad are supposed to have all the required facilities for childbearing. Patients are indeed very keen to visit the best surrogacy centers in Hyderabad.



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