Fertility is of much concern to many couples who are eager to have a child. They have to cope with several myths about it as they are constantly in search of adequate information about it be it in newspapers or in clinics. It has become very difficult for them to differentiate between myth and real facts and it is indeed an arduous task for them to sift through the available information. It is no doubt a fact myth and misconceptions abound as far as fertility is concerned.

Myth 1: Infertility is a rare case. Not all couples face this issue:

This is not true.

Infertility is indeed a very common occurrence among couples in India. One in every five couples does face this problem while trying to conceive. Not just in India, in fact, it is been estimated that around 60-80 million couples every year all over the world to seek medical advice for infertility. Owing to several changes in lifestyles, it has become a common health issue and there is no need to feel low about it.

Myth 2: Infertility is usually linked with problems in the female reproductive system only:

This is absolutely a myth.

Both man and woman to have an equal share of infertility issues. While 30% of the infertility cases are usually attributed to male infertility, female infertility does account for other 30% and remaining 40% is on account of both the combination of both males as well as female problems.

Myth 3: Having an intercourse a few times a month is enough to get pregnant.

Conception is a tricky affair and in fact gets even trickier if one is a newly-wed. A lot depends on when the woman’s menstrual cycle occurs. So, one need not worry about one’s fertility, if one is unable to conceive after a few intercourses. It’s not really uncommon for a healthy couple to try for about a minimum of 6 months before hearing the good news of being able to conceive or being pregnant. So just give it a time.

Myth 4: Chance of getting pregnant is nil for women above 35.

Certainly, this is not the case.

Chances are slightly less but not completely naught. A radical French study has indeed found out that 82% of the women in the age group of 35-39 did conceive within a year. The number did fall sharply for women in their 40s, but 35 is not the age to give up one’s dream of becoming a mom. The chances are fine but one should plan it wisely by seeking necessary medical help.

Myth 5: Fertility Treatments and Consultations are expensive.

This is not so. In fact, in India, there are several popular economical as well as efficient fertility centers that can prove to be the good destination for foreigners as well. There are several fertility specialists with impeccable credentials and successful track records in one’s own city limits. Look around and one will find a suitable center which meets their expectations and budget constraints.

Parenthood is indeed a sacred affair and one must gather all necessary information before planning a family. One can choose a Best fertility clinic in Hyderabad of their choice as there are so many around.