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Five issues to be aware of entering an IVF clinic

It is important to know certain issues before one can visit an IVF clinic. Patients going in for IVF treatment must be well informed about the nitty-gritty of the treatment and the functioning of the IVF clinic they are planning to visit. IVF treatment is a sophisticated affair and the more you know about it the more relaxed you feel undergoing it.

1. Pregnancy versus live birth rates

The success rate of IVF depends upon the age of a woman the older the woman than it is more difficult to conceive as compared to the younger woman in her 30s. A woman in her 40s can also aspire to have a baby but her chances to conceive will be much less than a ten years less woman.

It is important to check on “the pregnancy rate”.

2. Blastocyst cultures

One must check out and see if blastocyst culture is made use of.

Nowadays, the treatment aims at growing embryos for five days or rather until they are made into a blastocyst.

Blastocyst culture is usually recommended if one gets a decent number of eggs.

3. Sperm injections

Depending on the male’s sperm count, the sperm may be injected directly into the egg. The cause of infertility also plays an important role in the IVF success rate. Some male partners, for example, do have a low sperm count and also need intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). This is where an individual sperm is also injected into an egg.

4. Budget clinics

One can make use of budget IVF clinics as they are also well into IVF procedures. Getting familiarized with the clinic before making use of its services is what one must adhere to. Budget clinics do make use of low-dose hormone-based stimulation protocols so that patients spend less on the respective drugs. But this is well suited mostly for younger patients and it also produces rather fewer eggs. Since fewer resources are made use of for lab procedures, the IVF clinic is cheap. Budget clinics make use of lower doses of hormones

5. Lab standards

Lab standards are well maintained in budget clinics. Embryos are highly sensitive to things such as changes in the given temperature as well as oxygen levels. Even budget clinics do have properly equipped laboratory facilities.


Budget patients do avail of the services of budget IVF clinics in Hyderabad and expect good services from them. They like to make required inquiries and thus be better placed in availing excellent services.

IVF is an expensive affair. Patients would like to get all the required information and thus be reassured that their investment in treatment procedures is true of much value.

The usual practice of patients in any form of medical treatment is to find out all concerning details i.e. the type of treatment, and cost factor so that they can prepare themselves well in advance for the treatment. The same applies to IVF treatment as well.

Potential users of IVF clinics must have required access to good advice cum resources and be offered sound guidance by the doctors about what IVF treatment entails.

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