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5 Common Ways to Diagnose Male Infertility, Its Treatment

The best male infertility doctors in Hyderabad have the expertise to treat male infertility well. Patients can seek medical aid for this health issue at the male infertility hospital in Hyderabad. An infertility specialist in Hyderabad can do the needful.

Infertility happens to be a disease of the reproductive system. It does make a person unable to have children. It can also affect a man, a woman, or both. Male infertility does imply that a man has a problem with his reproductive system.

There might be several reasons for a couple not being able to conceive. Infertility is not something that cripples with age. It is something that could happen to anyone at any time. It does not look at age or gender.

The best male infertility doctors in Hyderabad know it all and can expertly guide the patient.

Reasons Behind Male Infertility

  • Low sperm count or perhaps inadequate sperm.
  • Blockage in one’s reproductive area.
  • Production of sperm that is not of the right shape or does not move properly.

These conditions can be due to several reasons, including an unhealthy lifestyle, bad eating habits, smoking as well as drinking, genetics, or even underlying medical conditions.

5 Common Ways to Diagnose Male Infertility, Its Treatment

How to Diagnose Male Infertility?

To evaluate one’s fertility problem, the doctor would perform specific tests, including:

· Semen analysis

This will be an initial test that the doctor would perform on the patient to check the sperm quality as well as quantity. It does help in showing the functioning of the sperm. The sperm analysis could rather take place twice, they would ask a person to ejaculate into the cup, and then the semen would be further checked for any sort of problem which has led to infertility.

· Medical history

The patient’s medical history or underlying health conditions could also inform the doctor about the infertility cause. The doctor would ask the patient to submit any medical condition reports that he may have suffered.

· Hormonal test

To check the patient’s hormone level, the doctor would rather perform some hormone tests on him. It will indeed help in detecting how well the sperm is producing the sperm.

· Transrectal ultrasound

The doctor might also suggest the patient undergo an ultrasound to check the reproductive organs. The probe would be placed in one’s rectum. It does check whether the ejaculatory duct is either blocked or not well-formed.

· Testicular Biopsy

Doctors do perform this test to check whether the patient has a low or rather inadequate sperm count. Under the influence of anesthesia, the doctor would indeed make a small cut in the scrotum by making use of the needle. Then from each testicle, they tend to remove a piece of tissue for further study. It does help in diagnosing the root cause of fertility problems and is also helpful in ejecting some sperm for IVF treatment.

The male infertility hospital in Hyderabad has superb facilities for the proper treatment of male infertility.

Treatment for Male Infertility
Treatment for male infertility does help vastly differs on the kind of problem the patient is suffering. Each issue would indeed require a different cure. Categorization is in the following way:

  • Surgical treatment
  • Unknown cause of male infertility treatment.
  • Non-surgical treatment

Male infertility is thus the inability of a man to help his wife conceive. In earlier cases of infertility, women are usually thought of being the victim of not being able to conceive. Now even men are held responsible and need to undergo fertility checkups. Usually, the male ego prevents this as men do not like to be blamed for the woman not being able to conceive.

It is a good idea to consult the best male Infertility specialist in Hyderabad if faced with infertility issues.


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