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It’s really a great time playing with Babies as they make our world a better place, just imagine the moments of togetherness with the little ones. Yes, it’s a dream for a few which only materializes when aspiring couples reach out for the right treatment.

Many young couples are trying their own level best efforts to get the results through the natural process but unfortunately, it is affecting their stress levels without positive results. After many failed attempts, they come to a reputed center like Ferty9 for their rescue. In our current times, few relatives and friends have a tendency to give advice as if they are know-it-all gurus. This ignorant advice might sometimes make you confused and think about ways to fix it immediately. But, If by any chance, you are in touch with Ferty9, you are in safe hands.

Please note that Infertility is a rising issue internationally and one of the many reasons for its increased prevalence among the current generation couples is stress. According to recent studies, it has been found that women’s day-to-day levels of stress have lowered their chances of getting pregnant. Some studies also suggest that if women who had high levels of alpha-amylase in their saliva, took 29% more time to get pregnant in comparison to those who had less. This enzyme indicates levels of stress in a person.
In these situations, it is quite natural for any couple to be stressed under normal circumstances. The problem occurs when a woman is under constant stress for a consistently long time or if they are dealing with a major change. This is when ovulation cycles are affected and infertility occurs, only causing more stress and anxiety.
Nevertheless, this problem can be reversed by making a few lifestyle changes. Some of these changes which are easily addressed and transformed are listed below –

Ways to Improve your fertility rate

  • Exercise and Mediation are two sides of the coin. Almost everyone knows about the power of doing regular workouts but few have made a schedule to fit into their daily routine. As per studies, 25% of anxiety is reduced by actively pursuing this activity. Have you not started? This is the right time.
  • Mediation is another important art to learn in these times of uncertainty. It keeps your mind under control and your heart under normal conditions. According to a few studies, mindfulness can help a lot. It will keep your anxiety levels under control.
    Writing a journal will help in reducing stress levels as per studies conducted by Michigan State University.
  • Writing will help in organizing thoughts and journalizing helps in clarity of day-to-day activities which supports more solutions. Another study by psychological research study indicates that it is better to jot down points that are negative for you and jot down and throw them away. This will pave way for eradicating negative thoughts from your mind.
    They say, your thoughts become your words and words become your actions. So, stop taking the negative pep talk as it might increase negativity which directly affects your stress levels. On the flip side, think about positive mood-elevating thoughts of visualizing that you are becoming pregnant and how you feel, when you actually become. Using positive language brings a fresh wave of vibes that are essential to cope with stress.
  • Eating a proper diet and managing your physical health is an important parameters that can relieve stress. People have a habit of ignoring food when it is most important. For example, they look into junk as an alternative just to feed their taste buds. Thus, stress is impacted indirectly when you least expect it in these situations.
  • Nutritious meals are the key to happiness and a key measure to control stress in these pressing times.
    According to an article published in the Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences, it has been stated that with the help of a healthy and well-balanced diet, people can receive many stress-relieving benefits like improved brain function, increased immunity, controlled blood pressure, improved blood circulation, and elimination of toxins from the body.
  • Infertility which is caused due to stress can be easily controlled by couples who can cooperate and take appropriate measures at the right time. To fight infertility issues, the couple together should take responsibility to deal with the issue. Spending quality time with each other without bringing out the topic every now and then is also a good tip.

Associating with a proper Fertility expert like Ferty9 can make your job easy. Just enroll yourself and attend a free counseling session.


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