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One may love indulging themselves in hot bathtubs or hot water tubs and also relax in Jacuzzi baths. It is better to shed this love to indulge oneself in hot baths in case one wants to have a family. Researchers hold the opinion that constant exposure to the existing ‘wet heat’ can indeed damage one’s fertility levels.

This view has gained much ground as several studies have been conducted to this effect. The study was indeed conducted on a group of men who were used to hot bathtubs or hot water baths on a rather regular basis. They were indeed exposed to water with a higher temperature for at least 30 minutes a week. When their semen samples were actually examined, they did show low sperm production as well as poor sperm motility rate as compared to those who were less exposed to this sort of heat.

For men who have actually been diagnosed with fertility disorders, overexposure to heated water can also worsen the matter for them. However, the effect can indeed be reversed. If one discontinues taking hot water baths for a longer period of time, then it does have a positive effect. Men who were kept away from hot water tubs or hot water baths could indeed see an increase in the production of healthy sperm which does have a good motility rate in one’s semen. Their sperm count did increase by about 49 percent.

However, in the case of some men, this reversed infertility was not actually seen even after they reverted from the wet heat. This was basically on account of the effect of tobacco or the “gonadotoxic habit”. Most of them were indeed found to be chain smokers.

Constant exposure to wet heat can rather affect male fertility negatively. If one is rather eager to become a father, stop spending hours in hot bathtubs. It might be indeed relaxing one’s mind and freshening up one’s tired body, but it is also reducing the chances of hoping to be a father.


It is true that hot water baths do affect sperm count. Like alcohol can affect one’s fertility as well as smoking, similarly spending time in a hot water tub can also reduce sperm. It is indeed nice to relax no doubt, but on the other hand, one would like to have a family and therefore needs to ensure that their fertility does not get affected due to spending time in a hot water tub.

Every person after a hard day’s work would love to spend time in a hot water tub to reduce body pains and tiredness. The more time he or she spends the better they feel. Nevertheless, one has to ensure that one’s fertility does not get affected. Any couple would like to be a parent and naturally would like to make sure that their fertility levels are not affected. After all, conception is a difficult process and one needs to be fertile to bear a child.

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