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Despite doctor appointments, instructions, medications, invasive procedures, as well as countless failures, women do feel that they have lost all control over their respective bodies and find that they are struggling with fertility issues.

With the help of professionals, both men and women can, of course, improve their chances of indeed having a successful pregnancy later on.

1. Maintain a healthy weight.

One must maintain a healthy weight to have a positive impact on fertility. It is better not to be underweight or overweight as these can cause irregular menstrual cycles and also have a direct impact on ovulation, thus maintaining a healthy weight which is crucial. In order to know if one has a healthy weight one has to calculate one’s body mass index (BMI).

On the whole, a BMI between 19 and 24 is indeed considered to be normal; less than 19 is considered underweight, a BMI between 25 and 29 is considered overweight, and anything greater than 30 is obese. Still, it is better to consult one’s doctor.

2. Good to be active.

One must maintain a healthy weight and for this one must change one’s lifestyle. One must move about outside and thus build up energy. An exercise regimen is essential be it walking or yoga or bicycling. These exercise impact fertility in a positive way and one has a lot of energy as well.

3. Mind-body techniques.

Relaxing the mind is good and this can be done through visualization. One must visualize what is happening in one’s body via conception.

This mind-body technique makes use of imagery in order to help one understand what’s happening in one’s body during the conception process. One must be in the right frame of mind to conceive and also get rid of stress which can cause infertility.

4. Be careful with your eating habits.

One must eat healthy foods that are good for fertility.

• Dark leafy greens such as romaine lettuce, spinach, and kale are chock full of calcium, magnesium, folate as well as fiber.

• Cruciferous vegetables such as asparagus as well as broccoli which are rich in folate, vitamin K, and fiber.

• Low-sugar fruits such as berries are great for fertility as they contain high levels of antioxidants.

• Avocados contain plenty of fiber, folate, and vitamin K which are good for fertility.

• Eggs are also good for fertility because the yolks are rich in folate, B12, and protein.

5. Drink carefully.

One should avoid alcohol when pregnant. Excessive alcohol does indeed cause ovulation disorders.

6. Take natural supplements.

One must have natural supplements as they help in conceiving. One must increase one’s intake of vitamins and minerals, as they are good for health. A healthy body and sound mind are essential to get pregnant.

One needs to make a conscious effort to improve one’s fertility. Every childless couple desires to have a child of their own and in case they are suffering from fertility issues they need to undertake remedial measures. It is advisable to consult the physician as to how one can improve one’s fertility rate.


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