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12 Ways of Reversing Male Infertility – One does come across new articles about what a woman can do to enhance her fertility potential. These enhancements do run from the medical – eating healthy, exercising, having an ideal BMI and of course to the more superstitious as well as eating exotic fruits and nuts or standing on one’s head after sex. No doubt the man will not be carrying the baby, but his sperm will indeed help to create that baby – and if his sperm is not healthy, male infertility can arise. Continue to read about 12 Ways of Reversing Male Infertility

Men need to have the most optimal fertility potential, recommending everything from eating pomegranates to wearing loose-fitting underwear. Since men do produce new sperm every day, lifestyle changes have indeed been shown to increase sperm quality.

Reversing Male Infertility: Make Physical Fitness and Healthy Eating a Priority

Similar to women who have infertility doctors in Hyderabad from being under or overweight, men do suffer from similar complications. Abnormal semen parameters (i.e. low sperm counts and low sperm motility) have indeed been seen to increase with obesity. Overweight men have indeed been found to have decreased levels of testosterone and also elevated levels of estrogen, an issue that may indeed impair signals from the brain that do regulate sperm development. Overweight men happen to be also at risk for impaired spermatogenesis, the process by which sperm are formed, due to increased scrotal temperatures. By thus maintaining a healthy diet and staying active, these potential risks can be alleviated.

12 Ways of Reversing Male InfertilityIt’s Time To Kick That Smoking Habit For Good

Smoking cigarettes can indeed cause a decrease in the three main factors that do determine a man’s sperm quality: sperm count, morphology, and motility. Studies have indeed shown that damage is not necessarily permanent and may also vary by the quantity and length of smoking history. A man’s fertility rate can indeed completely return to normal within a year of quitting smoking. Quitting smoking can help Reversing Male Infertility.

Other drugs, including marijuana, have indeed been shown to decrease sperm counts. Men need to avoid use when trying to get pregnant.

Ease Back on Alcohol Consumption

Excessive consumption of alcohol in men does show an impact on fertility. Particularly those who consume large quantities of alcoholic drinks (five or more) may have lowered testosterone levels and also reduced sperm quality as well as quantity. Alcohol is also rather linked to impotence in men. It has been shown, though, that reducing the amount of alcohol consumed can rather quickly reverse these side effects. Avoid alcohol that will help in Reversing Male Infertility.

Too Much Heat Can be Dangerous

Sperm counts, as well as sperm quality, be affected by frequent or long visits to saunas, steam rooms as well as hot tubs. This exposure to the heat, in fact, does not have a permanent impact on sperm though, and sperm should rather return to normal quality and quantity within a few months of discontinuing sauna. Men should, in fact, be wary of common household ‘heats’ such as resting their laptops over their pelvic region. This is one of the ways of Reversing Male Infertility is to reduce body temperature.

Male Infertility Improved with Lifestyle Changes cum Sperm Regeneration

While there are several unknown factors that do cause male infertility treatment in Hyderabad, the aforementioned lifestyle tips have indeed been shown to make a remarkable difference in men whose habits are rather affecting their fertility. It is beneficial for any man who is trying to conceive with his partner to keep a healthy lifestyle: minimizing alcohol intake, quitting smoking as well as eating healthy, and exercising.

Men do produce millions of every day thus making it highly beneficial to men who want to alter their lifestyle habits. Sperm takes about 74 days to mature, which in fact implies that men who do make lifestyle changes only need to wait about three months before seeing improvements in sperm quality and also increase their chance for reproductive success.


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