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Computer Assisted Semen Analysis (CASA)CASA:

Computer Assisted Semen Analysis: The predictive value of sperm motility parameters obtained by computer-assisted semen analysis (CASA) was evaluated for the fertility of men from the general population. In a prospective study with couples stopping the use of contraception in order to try to conceive, CASA was performed on semen samples from 358 men. A recently developed CASA system, Copenhagen Rigshospitalet Image house sperm Motility Analysis System (CRISMAS) was used for assessment of motility parameters.

This system has an editing function which allows correction of tracks made by the computer. The computer has been “taught” by the laboratory personnel what sperm look like, and how they move. When the computer then “sees” a sperm under the microscope, it is able to draw a digitized picture of each individual sperm, including the speed and path this sperm takes while moving under the microscope. A great deal has been learned about the normal and abnormal “micro” characteristics of sperm employing this method. The method is, however, not foolproof. The computer is only as intelligent as it’s programmer. Small changes in the computer program can alter the sperm calculations significantly