How much does surrogacy cost in India?

The cost of surrogacy varies from clinic to clinic. It much depends on the treatment and experience of the doctor. Surrogacy treatment is available in many clinics.

The cost of surrogacy treatment in India is indeed much less as compared to other countries in the world. The charge of a surrogate mother in India is very much less than what one has to pay in other countries.

Childless couples do want a child and are willing to pay for it. Nevertheless, they would opt for best treatment at a reasonable price which India undoubtedly offers.

What is the cost of surrogacy in India?

The cost of surrogacy in India is about $ 20,000 as compared to the US where one has to pay up to $50,000 for the same procedure. Therefore many couples do prefer to come to India for surrogacy treatment. Hence, India has become a very lucrative option for those couples who desire most to have a child. They want to start a family of their own. They need not worry too much about the cost and the surrogacy treatment as it meets up to their budget expectations.

Why go in for surrogacy?

The desire to have a child is in the uppermost thought of a childless couple who would like to have a child in their homes. A married woman would indeed love to have a baby of her own rather than be childless. The bonds of marriage do strengthen with a baby around.

Why is surrogacy so popular in India?

Obviously, the cost does matter. The cost of surrogacy treatment being less as compared to many other countries is what draws childless couples here.

Medical tourism in India is showing an upward trend and positive – minded couples are preferring to come to India for surrogacy treatment. India happens to be a good place for hiring surrogacy.

Low medical costs coupled and conducive procedures have made the country much way ahead of the rest. India is indeed only one of the few countries which have not banned surrogacy.

What there is to know about the surrogacy procedure?

In the surrogacy procedure, the embryo is developed by the egg and sperm of the intending parents which is carried by the surrogate mother. The embryo is conceived via this chosen method by parents as well as an infertility specialist. This method does enable the couple to be the biological parents of the child who is born.

What entails the cost of surrogacy treatment?

The cost involves surrogate, clinic, agency, management as well as lawyer fees. The surrogacy process is expensive and much depends upon various factors. In India surrogacy costs between the ranges 10Lac to 15Lac.It can be higher too.


It is but obvious that surrogacy treatment is much preferred in India on account of its low cost as compared to other countries where the facility is available. In India, specialized surrogacy treatment is available at a reasonable cost which married couples feel is budget friendly. Many childless couples come to India for the surrogacy treatment.

It is indeed a pleasure to have a child of one’s own and therefore surrogacy treatment is considered a viable option to have a child.

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